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D-STONE is characterized with its modest marble patterns that looks remarkably
like real stone. Unlike other artificial acrylic marble stone, D-STONER has a unique texture and color, with a luxurious and elegant appearance.

Maximum size is W1,350×H2,730×DP10mm Mellow White has superior transparency and is available for illumination. Highly flexible for processing such as hole opening, cutting, edge shaping and engraving. Incredibly durable; high resistance to heat and shock (resistant to flame from cigarettes). *In case of exterior use, the polished surface of Pure Black / Mirror (DS-04K) may lose its luster over time.

Engraving Three types of different engraving finishes are available based on type face design or carving image.

Adhesive Performance High quality seamless adhesive technique makes joints inconspicuous with a beautiful finish.

Cut Unlike real stone, it can be easily cut into various shaped letters or marks.



*The actual colors may slightly differ from images pictured above.

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