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Together we made it - Daikan’s 55th Anniversary

Time flies and it has been 55 years since Osaka Kanban Seisakusho was established when Tokyo held the 18th Olympic Games in 1964. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our clients, our partners and suppliers for supporting us, to our staff for giving their best effort and to their families for always being considerate.

“Evolving into a global organization” is a target set from 2004, when our overseas sales amount had reached 30% of our total sales, and our Vietnam factory had managed to produce more than 50% of our main products. This was the time when we thought a different target was needed for the next stage. Our new concept for the next era shall be "the Integration of Sign/Logo and Digital Content” or “IoT for Sign & Display”, aiming to shape the future of sign and display in order to provide a wide variety of products and services to our clients. We believe that achieving this “future sign” would allow signs to carry a bigger role in information communication. And consumers will have more interaction with signs, while signs will have higher flexibility in content and possess a greater variety. Eventually signs shall become a more important role in supporting human life.

Throughout these 55 years, we fully realized how wonderful and important craftsmanship is and we are hoping to pass this passion of “Daikanism” to our next generations - “Deliver Products with Passion and Commitment”. To produce a good product is not simply about buying new equipment or increasing the level of quality control. We, all the staff, need high motivation and know-how, as well as the attitude of being grateful to our clients. Without these, it is not possible to make good products even we have the most powerful equipment or system. We will continue to improve the quality and safety of our products and work on both “Hardware - Sign & Display” and “Software - Digital Contents & IoT” in order to contribute as much as we can to the society. Thank you very much again for all your great support.