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How to Install Signage

Notice to building owners and contractors

When installing signs, displays, ornaments, metal structures, or monuments (referred to as signs and displays below), be sure to consider all safety aspects and take preventive measures in case of forecasted natural calamities such as typhoons, tornadoes, storms and gales. Also, regular maintenance will prolong durability and fine appearance of installed items.

Basic points

  1. When requesting a quotation or placing an order, provide our sales person with information regarding place of installation and consult about installation method. Follow installation instructions as agreed with the sales person.
  2. Standard installation methods for each product type are shown below. However, follow installation instructions as agreed with the sales person, and if mounting brackets or bond adhesive supplied by Daikan are not suitable to specific installation surface, please choose appropriate installation method at contractor's discretion.
  3. Choose proper place for installation so that pedestrian path and vehicle traffic are not blocked.
  4. Make sure to follow traffic law and other regulations for designing signage.
  5. Please note that Daikan cannot take responsibility for installation works.
  6. Be sure to follow laws and regulations, provide proper maintenance and safety inspection every 2 years.

Lumi Letter®

  1. Output voltage of AC/DC power supply for ready-made signs and Lumi Letter® Pictogram signs is preset at DC 12V.
  2. DO NOT connect the wires from Lumi Letter® directly to AC 100V, as it may cause immediate damage to LED. Connect the wires to the appropriate AC/DC power supply.
  3. The output voltage of the AC/DC power supply is preset appropriately.
    DO NOT make any changes to output voltage settings as this may cause LED breakdown.
  4. Install the AC/DC power supply in a place where maintenance can easily be performed. When installing or performing maintenance on electrical equipment, you must follow all local laws, regulations and safety procedures.

Lumi Letter


  • Double-sided Adhesive Tape

    Double-sided Adhesive Tape
  • Optional Vinyl Sheet

    Optional Vinyl Sheet
  • Magnet

  • Stud Bolt

    Stud Bolt
  • Off-Wall Installation

    Off-Wall Installation
  • Bolt-Nut Installation

    Bolt-Nut Installation
  • Basic On-Wall Holder

    Basic On-Wall Holder
  • Embedded Holder

    Embedded Holder
  • Screw

  • U-Shaped Holder

    U-Shaped Holder
  • L-Shaped Holder

    L-Shaped Holder
  • Hollow Wall Anchor

    Hollow Wall Anchor