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Lumi Light Panel(Information Sign)

Lumi Light Panel(Information Sign)


・Adjustable size ※Please contact us for further information.
・Openings on 4 sides assist easy change of inkjet sheet.

・3 LED colors to choose from: White, Warm White and Lamp Color.
・Slim and thin design with simple round frame.


Product Code LLP-INF-B1 LLP-INF-B2
Size・Weight H1075×W773×D24mm・15.2kg H773×W560×D24mm・8.5kg
Size of Display Material
※( ) represents the available display dimension.
B1: H1030(1015)×W728(713)mm B2: H728(713)×W515(500)mm
Product Code LLP-INF-A1 LLP-INF-A2
Size・Weight H886×W639×D24mm・10.7kg H639×W465×D24mm・6.1kg
Size of Display Material
※( ) represents the available display dimension.
A1: H841(826)×W594(579)mm A2: H594(579)×W420(405)mm


Exploded View

Section View


Frame: Extruded Aluminium (Alumite) w/ Openings on 4 Sides
Cover: Clear Hard Acrylic 3mm thick
Installation: Aluminium Installation Hardware (Cleat Hanger)
Fixing Pins: M3 Hexagon Socket Set Screws (Allen Wrench included)
Light Source: Built-in LED Light Guide Panel Unit (White)
Display Content: Inkjet Material for illuminated signboard use recommended
▲Please choose the signage orientation: Portrait or Landscape.


▲Power cable will be provided - 0.3m from the signage to connector and 3m from the AC/DC power supply to connector. For cable length longer than 3m, please contact us for further information.
▲Please use power cables with length between 2-10m.
▲The average surface illuminance is the value examined by our company, instead of a guaranteed value.