進 化Evolution3進 化Evolution4スーパーキセノンウェザーメーター試験機Super Xenon Weather Meter低温恒温恒湿試験機Low Humidity Type Temperature and Humidity ChamberAs per the name "neon street", the bustling downtown area used to be filled with the colorful glow of neon. Those who reminisce the streetscapes of the past may think that LED tube signs are still far from the unique luminescence of traditional neon lighting. In recent years, LED tube signs have come to be used not only outdoors but also in a diverse range of interior spaces. Our neon-like "Lumi Letter Neon TUBE" signs, made of LEDs, preserves the distinct ambience of traditional neon tubes coupled with all the improved features of LED lighting. ルミレターネオンシリーズを多数納入した「TUGBOAT_TAISHO」の夜景Night view of TUGBOAT_TAISHO | Various Lumi Letter TUBE series were adopted地下街や各商業施設側のルール、消防法上の規制で高電圧のネオンサインが設置できない環境が増えています。また、ポリ塩化ビニルやガラスのカバーが必要な場合もあり、直接手が届かない高い位置への設置が基本となっています。対して「ルミレターネオン」は、文字型ワンオフ基板の自社一貫生産を実施し、12Vの低電圧でのLED回路設計で、発熱も少なく手に触れる低い場所でも安心して設置が可能です。There is a growing number of places where high-voltage neon tubes cannot be installed due to regulations of underground malls and commercial facilities, or regulations under the Fire Service Act. Also, as traditional neon tubes often require PVC or glass covering for safety reasons, they are generally installed in out-of-reach high locations. Our "Lumi Letter TUBE," on the other hand, works on a low voltage of 12V LED circuit board manufactured in-house, enabling safe installation in easy-to-reach locations.アクリル樹脂はガラス管と比べて破損リスクが低く、取り扱いが容易です。ガラス管は破損するとネオンガスが漏れ、ガラス片が散乱することもありますが、アクリル樹脂はその心配がありません。手に触れても安全な設計で、幾度の耐候試験を経てルミレターネオンシリーズは、LED光源部分についての品質保証期間を、最長5年間へと大幅に更新しています。※φ8は屋内3年保証、屋外は保証対象外となります。Acrylic resin LED eliminates the risks of glass tubes whereby breakages may result in neon gas leakage or scattering of glass fragments. Lumi Letter TUBE series are designed to be safe to touch. After undergoing Weather Meter Tests, the warranty term for the light source of Lumi Letter TUBE series was updated to a maximum of 5 years.*8mm diameter has a three-year warranty for indoor use and any warranty is not covered for outdoor use.©Stirling ElmendorfLow-voltage Design Surpasses Installation Restrictions低電圧設計で設置規制等の制約を受けないFive-year Warranty with High Durability and Safety破損に強い耐久性と高い安全性、安心の5年保証02

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