Terms And ConditionsProductIndoorOutdoorFinishIndoorOutdoor* The warranty for products designed for indoor use is valid for indoor use only. Color change or fading, damage or accident by falling, lighting failure or fire caused by electric leakage may occur if used outdoors. Please be sure to use indoors only.Light Guide Panel (LGP)Light Guide Sign (LGS)Lumi Light Panel® SeriesLED Custom Unit 2 (Light Source Only)LED Custom Unit (Light Source Only)LED Metal Channel RETROLumi Letter® RETROLumi Letter® DUAL FACELumi Letter® TUBE (Light Source Only)Lumi Letter® Skeleton (Light Source Only)Lumi Letter® mini (Light Source Only)Lumi Letter® (Light Source Only)D-STONE®D-Letter®i-custom® (Car Emblems)Taff Lite Sign® (Clear Coated)Taff Lite Sign® (Non-clear coated)1 Year1 Year1 Year5 Years5 Years3 Years3 Years3 Years3 Years (1 year for 8mm Type)5 Years5 Years (3 years for thin strokes)5 Years (3 years for thin strokes)3 Year5 Years-5 Years3 Years1 Year1 YearIndoor only2 Years5 YearsIndoor onlyIndoor onlyNot Covered3 Years (8mm Type is for indoor use only)5 Years (Mirror type is for indoor use only)5 Years (3 years for thin strokes)5 Years (3 years for thin strokes)1 Year3 Years1 Year1 YearNot CoveredSheet and Inkjet PartsMetalize Plus® (Metalize Aluminum Series)Metalize Plus® (Metalize Series)Stainless Steel Made SignDPS® on the Rear Side of Clear AcrylicDPS® on the SurfaceNot Covered3 Years3 Years1 Year5 Years5 YearsNot CoveredNot Covered1 Year1 Year3 Years Not CoveredTerms and Conditions保証期間一覧189

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